Ecofriendly Everyday Chopsticks Made of Bamboo

Chopsticks are available in a number of forms right from a disposable one to handcrafted pieces created using centuries-old techniques. Everyday chopsticks are disposable and commonly used by people on a daily basis. These chopsticks are available in gift shops and most of the Asian grocery stores. They are available in a variety of colors, designs and pricing options. The material is either wood or bamboo, but bamboo is widely used due to their renewable and organic properties. 

bamboo chopsticks are either handcrafted or designed at the factory with a particular length, thickness, tip thickness, style, finish design and quality. Final packaging is also specified before production. 

Paint finish:

Normally, the domestic Chinese market has a paint finish of 1-3 layers on the chopsticks where as Japanese and US sticks usually have 4-5 layers, because they want to have a deeper-colored and durable final look. These are called “Japanese #1 style”.

The first two layers of a Japanese style chopstick is sealer or primer. They also have rich color and design on the handle. In some cases, the handle designs are hand painted and apply a decal-like pre-printed layer that is called as a heat stamp. After the application of heat stamp, a final coat is applied to seal the body of the stick.


After the final paint, both the sticks are joined together with a sticker wrap. Basically, the sticks are carefully aligned to maintain the design across both sticks.

The whole process starting from cutting till packaging typically takes 45 days. In most of the cases finish process is done by hand.

Why bamboo chopsticks are highly popular?

Chopsticks made of bamboo are considered as traditional utensils used in Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Quality bamboo sticks are now used by royal families and people who care about their health. Bamboo sticks are smooth, splinter free and low-priced than wood sticks. They are perfect for any size food establishment offering Asian cuisine.

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