Setting up a dinner buffet bar so guests can assemble their own meals is a great way to start off your next dinner party. Not only does it mean that everyone will have the chance to make exactly what they want, DIY dinner parties make it easy to accommodate guests with a variety of food restrictions. Read on for five buffet bar ideas.

• Customized Mini Burgers - Sliders and mini burgers are an idea choice for a DIY dinner buffet bar. Shape the burgers and give guests choices of topping, cheese and even a variety of buns. And how about offering lambveggie, and meatballsliders, too?

• Burrito Bar - Assembling burritos and tacos is a fun and easy entertaining idea. Prepare fillings like braised beef and shredded chicken and toppings like cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, and beans. For a twist, try a Korean burritobar with thin sliced marinated pork or beef, rice, kimchi, and pickled cucumber slices.

• Individual Pizzas - Make a few batches of thin crust pizza dough and let your guests shape their own customized pizzas. Offer a choice of sauce (marinara, pesto, BBQ), cheese, and toppings. Have the oven (or even the grill!) preheated and cook the pizzas as they are created.

• Pasta Bar - This idea is straight from my corner deli that has a pasta station set up with five different sauces, several different pasta varieties, and at least 10 choices of toppings. Cook the pasta just shy of al dente and have a saucepan ready to combine the sauces, pasta, and toppings like peas, prosciutto, shredded cheeses, and sun-dried tomatoes in one place.

• Sushi - With some preparation, making your own sushi is not as difficult as it seems. Prepare enough sushi rice, choose your fillings, and pick up some sushi-making essential tools. Guests can roll their own maki rolls and it's a project great even for kids!

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