It's the beginning of barbecue party season and while crackers, cheese, and olives are wonderful and satisfying in their own way, it's nice to put out some color. Especially if that color involves summer fruit.

One of the nicest ways to show off the season's fruit is on skewers. If you're one of those super organized, detail-oriented party-throwers you could do rainbow colored skewers and plan out your color pattern. If you're like me and always rushing around right before a party, you just get the fruit on the stick and call it a day. Regardless, it looks really pretty and people appreciate having something fresh to snack on other than baby carrots.

You can serve your skewers raw or place them on the grill to release some of their sweet juices and acquire a few handsome char marks in the process. While you certainly don't need a recipe to pull of this appetizer, we thought we'd lay out a few approaches we like. From boozy to chocolate covered, we've got your summer fruit appetizers taken care of.

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